Use QR Codes to Track Products

thingaroo powers individualized interactions and trusted supply chain communications to connect products to the cloud and improve customer outcomes. Everything has a story.

The world's most innovative companies use thingaroo. With millions of live products being tracked, we are just getting started.


From Black Box to Open API

thingaroo gives you visibility into downstream and upstream events. Historically bar codes have only been used in closed systems. Our cloud based API is always connected. Plan with better data.

Always in the loop

Track Each Scan

Deploy faster

Everything you need to deploy your app


Easily integrate with other printers via individualized webpoint in a CSV. Work with your exiting printer or with universal print machines like Zebra.

QR Code Stickers

Our thingaroo branded qr stickers are the simplest way to get started with connecting products to the cloud. We also offer NFC chips and RFID tags for advanced tracking.

Custom Labels

Thingaroo was started by a prime label printer. We can help incorporate serialized QR codes into your own design. Contact us today for pricing.

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