Unique Products

Individualized Product Tracking

Thingaroo provides logistics services to track individualized "products of one" through the supply chain. This type of tracking provides valuable insights in your supply chain, inside your factory and from your customers. Historically products have been tracked in closed systems, at the SKU level. Our software enables a whole new ball game of individualized product tracking.

Variable URL Connections

Thingaroo is able to track individualized products by printing variable QR codes which connect to variable web URL addresses. Each URL is unique and corresponds to an individual product. Depending on which URL pulls up when the QR code is scanned we know which individual product it is.

Supply Chain Visibility

Have you ever wondered what happened to your product after it left the factory? Gain some visibily with Thingaroo. Thingaroo will help determine where your product was scanned for rewards, so you can see which product was delivered by your distributer. Here is another scenario, imagine you sell basil for pizzas and you are able to identify the specific basil that went into a specific pizza. The technology is ready for this type of granular tracking.

Let's look at an example.

A small craft beer company is making 2,000 beers for a special run. They buy 2,000 web points from thingaroo which they recieve as a CSV and send to their printer. The printer makes variable labels to stick on the beers.

First we will look at the end data and then we will look at how this data was derived. All of the following data has been obtained by measuring individual products at each step in the process. Management can go back and pull data for any product, even if you are making millions of products.

  • Average Packaging Time Per Beer: 2 minutes 32 seconds
  • Average Time Between Packaging and Shipping: 10 days 2 hours.
  • Longest Time Between Packaging and Shipping: 40 days
  • Owner notified about longest time (Alert over 30 days).
  • Average Time Betweeen Packaging and Customer Swipe: 35 days
  • Average Distance Between Packaging and Customer Swipe: 100 Miles
  • Furthest Swipe: 375 Miles
  • Beer #821 of 2,000 customer complained of skunky beer. Owner can go back and view product history.

All of this data (and more) can be logged for .01 cents per web point. Once the qr codes are on the beers, the beer maker has three check points in their factory. Thingaroo software tracks each time an individual qr code is read. The beer factory can determine how long the beer took at each step of the process. After the shipping checkpoint has swiped the URL that the QR code points to switches to a customer focused site which rewards the cusomter for swiping the QR code. This is a new concept in individualized product tracking.

Contact us today about your unique logistics tracking needs and applications. We are rapidly developing out our technology.

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